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Hi-Velocity Attic Central Air Systems Installations Sudbury

In the summertime, and even into fall, high relative humidity combined with higher air temperatures can result in an uncomfortable indoor environment- an air conditioning system can provide comfort. There are several reasons for installing air conditioning in an attic space.

  • Most of the heat generated in your home is coming from the roof and the attic adding heat gain to the upper levels.
  • Cold air flows downward and hot air rises.
  • Cooling from the attic benefits your home by conditioning the air at the source of greatest heat gain.
  • Attic air conditioning systems cool the top levels of your home first, relieving any concern for uncomfortable nights.

High Velocity Sudbury Air Conditioning Systems

High Velocity Sudbury Air Conditioning Systems
comfortable indoor air

A high velocity air conditioning system uses high velocity air distributed through a flexible tubing system

With a high velocity air conditioning system, hot and cold spots are eliminated because the air enters the living space with enough velocity to mix completely with the current indoor air.

Proper Installation of a Hi-Velocity Attic Central Air System

When installing any hi-velocity attic central air system in your home, proper installation is key for optimum comfort and efficiency.

A high-velocity attic central air system distributes conditioned air thru flexible, insulated, tubing and uses materials that provide a quiet air conditioning system.

With proper installation of an attic central air system, a load calculation is still important. This ensures the properly-sized attic air conditioning system is installed in your home.

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