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Regular dryer vent cleaning makes your dryer more efficient and reduces the risk of fire.

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Dryer vents Sudbury

Your dryer vent is an air duct responsible for removing the heat that is generated by your dryer to prevent fires from occurring. However, with each load of laundry you do, your dryer vent can collect lint and other debris that can eventually cause your vent to clog over time. This is why it is essential that homeowners ensure their home’s dryer is safe to operate throughout the year with professional dryer vent cleaning performed by a professional HVAC company you can trust to get the job done efficiently and accurately the first time around.


The certified HVAC service technicians at 669-Heat have years of experience in the industry. Our crew has the experience and competence to provide Sudbury area residents with dependable, highest quality dryer vent cleaning, indoor air quality, and air duct cleaning services. You can be confident that your home is in competent hands when you collaborate with our skilled and respectful HVAC service tech team. 669-Heat is also available 24/7, 365 days a year. If a homeowner requires a repair, routine upkeep, or installation appointment after normal business hours, on weekends, or on holidays, there is no additional charge!


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Why are dryer vents needed in Sudbury?


Dryer vents are necessary as they enable the accumulated heat, moisture, and lint to immediately expel to the outside of your home. Doing so enables air circulation to occur continuously to reduce mold and prevent fires and re from occurring in your home.


How often should dryer vents be cleaned in Sudbury?


In general, homeowners should aim to have their dryer vents cleaned once every 12 months to eliminate lint and other particles that have accumulated during each load of laundry. However, if you have pets or have a bigger family that does wash clothes more regularly throughout the week, you may want to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned more regularly as the amount of lint and debris that is collected in your dryer vent will be increased and lead to clogging more quickly.


Despite this, if you can’t recall exactly the last time you had your dryer vent professionally cleaned, we recommend scheduling an appointment with the team at 669-Heat promptly. With each cycle of laundry, you risk starting a fire in your home that can cause damage and harm to your family. Furthermore, blocked-up dryer vents can decrease your unit’s thermal efficiency and cause more wear on your dryer equipment which will cause it to break down more frequently.


Are you overdue to having your home’s dryer vent cleaned professionally? If the answer is yes, then the team at 669-Heat is available to assist you!


669-Heat is available around the clock, 365 days a year. There is no extra charge if a homeowner needs a repair, routine maintenance, or installation appointment after normal business hours, on weekends, or on holidays!


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How long does it take a professional to clean a dryer vent in Sudbury?


In general, the cleaning of dryer vents will take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to finish from start to finish. You can expect the team at 669-Heat to work efficiently and effectively to ensure that you are able to get back to your normal routine with as minimal disruptions as possible.


Are you overdue on your dryer vent cleaning? If so, book your appointment with the team at 669-Heat in Sudbury, Ontario, today! We’re open 24/7/365 days a year and do not charge extra for services after-hours, on weekends, and on holidays!


How to tell if a dryer vent is clogged in Sudbury?


It can be tough to predict when your dryer vent is blocked up, particularly if you’re not quite certain of the signs that can indicate as such. As a result, to assist property owners in determining when their dryer ducts require professional cleaning, we’ve put together a list of indications to watch out for. This way, you can identify the issue quickly and protect your dryer and home from damage. Here’s a deeper examination of a few of these indicators:


·  It tends to take you more time than normal to dry your garments.

·  After being dried, your garments generally smell stagnant and mouldy.

·  Once your dryer is operating, your laundry room gets extremely warm.

·  You discover debris and lint in your dryer vent.

·  Following each cycle of laundry, you observe that you have more lint in your lint trap than normal.

·  After your drying cycle is complete, your garments are incredibly warm to the touch.


Do any of these signs look familiar? If the answer is yes, then it could be time to have your dryer vent ducts cleaned by a professional team. 669-Heat is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we do not charge an additional fee for services after-hours, on weekends, or during holidays!


How to keep a dryer vent from clogging in Sudbury?


Although there is no method to avoid clogging due to the accumulation of lint and debris as you do your laundry, there are ways to slow down this process. Below are some examples of how you can go about doing so in your home:


·  Allow your dryer to cool down for at least 30 minutes between each load of laundry.

·  Keep the area around your dryer free of dirt and debris to avoid it being sucked into your dryer as it is operating.

·  Keep up with your annual dryer vent cleaning to avoid long-term blockage.


Are you overdue on your dryer vent cleaning? If the answer is yes, then the team at 669-Heat can provide you with the best dryer vent cleaning services! 669-Heat is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we don’t charge extra for services after hours, on weekends, or on holidays!


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